The BMW R69S was a slightly hotter version of the bike with larger carbs and plumbing, and modifications to the steering for better damping. It was supposed to be the sport bike for road racing and high speed touring. I bought my bike in Tucson and drove it around the deserts for years. Occasionally I would take it up Mt Hopkins where our telescopes were, and that is where the pictures were taken.

This was my favorite bike for long distance touring, and I took it up the west coast from San-Diego to Seattle twice to visit friends. Then I rode it back to the East coast and gave it to my son-in-law Dave Jersey.

I remember once riding through the desolate parts of Nevada, where you encounter an outpost of civilization every 100 miles. Here a ranch is 10 miles square, and I literally rode for 25 minutes without seeing another car driving either way. I stopped for gas at a little station that was also a general store next to a desolate house. I must have looked like a real outlaw, because after I filled the tank I went into the frontier store to pay for the gas, and I noticed all three people in the store were reading the labels on the groceries, trying not to notice me. To releive the tension I drawled out a real fine "I owe you three dollars for the gas, ma'am," and I felt the tension level drop instantly; I wasn't going to rob them! Then as I remounted the saddle and sped off in a cloud of dust I felt the whole burden of the romantic gypsy cowboy figure embodied in me.

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