The seashore house is in the Magnolia community in Gloucester, MA and was built by me in 1971. With architectural drafting skills learned in high school, I took a set of plans for a vacation house built on a slab and created plans for this New England home with full basement. Then I went on to build elaborate gardens, described separately.

The house is particularly fascinating because its high roof makes dramatic spaces for display of art. The living room ceiling is three stories high, and was carefully joined accoustically to the rest of the house so surround sound music is easily created. The present surround sound system is tuned to the natural reflections of the space.







The interior of the house is richly endowed with wood staircases and kitchen, and ornamented with several stained glass pieces; one above the bedroom window is evident in the illustration.









On the western side of the site, the land drops steeply to the brook below. Here the creepy cave is sited; it marks the entrance to the monster garden in the woods below. This adjoins the 300-acre Magnolia woods. As can be seen, house and garden are one in the Oriental tradition. In front of the cave is the large fire pit, where we have bachelor parties, Dungeon and Dragon festivals, motorcycle dedications, and eclipse celebrations.

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