My 1960 Morgan roadster is chassis number 4653, meaning it is that many since production of 4-wheelers began in the 1930's. Many people have never heard of Morgan, although the company has been producing 3-wheel cars since 1910. Enthusiasts know all about them of course, since the cars always were light-weight and amply powered. The cars are largely built of wood with a steel outer skin and fenders, and the early 4-wheelers even had 2 solid oak members for a frame, although my more modern car has a steel frame. But the firewall, dash, wheel wells, seat components, and basic framing of body and doors are all wood. One day in 1968 when I was living in southern California I found a pretty piece of sun-baked wood on Mount Palomar and it looked so interesting I brought it home. When I got home and removed it from the car, an ant-like insect crawled out of it. You better believe I emptied and swept out the car and sprayed the interior with Raid is short order!

My wife and I have noticed that driving the Morgan engenders more smiles per mile than any of the other antiques. Kids relate to it, and everybody can see it is fun to drive. And it is in perfect taste wherever we go. One time we attended equestrian events in a posh Boston North Shore setting, and as we approached we were waved over to join the contestants rather than the visitor parking, because we 'obviously belonged'. And we drive in parades and club events frequently.


One favorite trick was to drive with my faithful dog Wingfoot (R.I.P.) wearing driving goggles, in the passenger seat. You can see Wingfoot peeking over the windscreen on one of the pictures (below). Because #4653 has right-hand steering people seeing the approaching car look to see who is driving in the left seat, and see the dog. Thousands of pictures have been taken of us over the many years of parading on 4'th of July.

I bought the car in 1964 when I was in graduate school, and many colleagues have enjoyed my arrivals at America's major observatories. I have driven cross-country many times in it, and the old TR4 4-banger keeps on chugging. And you will have a fine tan and hopelessly tangled hair on arrival.

The picture in my driveway shows how my wife and I traditionally bring home the Christmas tree. One year we had just picked up the tree in downtown Gloucester and we encountered the Christmas parade, so we just got in the parade!





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